K-pop content to get you in the winter spirit

by Katie Barton|Editor-In-Chief

No matter what holiday you celebrate, or if you celebrate none at all, everyone loves to watch videos of their favorite K-Pop idols doing things to celebrate the winter season. But sometimes it can be hard to find these videos so today I have a curated list of winter season content from several different kinds of groups. And who knows maybe this list will even introduce you to your new favorite group.


First up is the group LOONA, my personal favorite K-Pop group. They have several different types of holiday videos, as for singing videos they have a stage where the members dressed in Santa-like dresses and sing Mariah Carey’s classic song ‘All I want For Christmas Is You’. Not only has LOONA sang a classic holiday song but they also have an original holiday song as well. It’s called ‘The Carol’ and is sung by members Haseul, Hyunjin, and Heejin. It is the perfect song to get you into the holiday spirit and to inspire some gift shopping as the music video shows the three members going around a town buying gifts for one another. And if you’re looking for something not music related there is an amazing livestream of the LOONA members decorating a christmas tree which is full of all the fun and chaoticness I’ve come to expect from LOONA. If you’re looking for something to watch in the background as you decorate your own tree this is an excellent option.


Twice is one of the most popular and influential girl groups so it is no surprise that they have a multitude of winter and holiday themed content. First, we have member Nayeon singing ‘Santa Tell me’ by Ariana Grande. This pop tune fits Nayeon’s style and her voice perfectly. Next is a classic and beautifully filmed video where member Mina sings ‘Snowman’ by Sia, honestly i prefer her rendition of this song more than the original. It is truly beautiful. Now if you were looking for something with the entirety of twice together, I highly recommend their song ‘Doughnut’. Doughnut is an amazing ballad that is sure to get you into the winter mood. If ballads aren’t your type of thing than how about you give their song ‘Wonderful Day’ a try. It is a cute and upbeat christmas song that never fails to get me in the holiday spirit.


BTS, like Twice, is an insanely popular group that tons of people are fans of. If you are looking for a medley of classic christmas songs that’s super entertaining to watch, I highly recommend BTS’s performance stage at the 2019 Gayo Daejeon music festival. In this special stage they sing classics like, ‘Oh Holy Night’, ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, ‘Feliz Navidad’, and the original song by BTS ‘Silent and Holy Night’. Overall, it is just a beautiful and fun performance to watch this holiday season.

The songs and videos on this list are sure to bring you joy and keep you company as you begin to get ready for the winter holiday season.

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