Science Department starts school year with teacher shortage

by Emmerson Clark | staff writer

The science department has had a teacher shortage this 22-23 school year. 

“We just have one opening for an IPC teacher that’s our only shortage at this point.” Science Dean instruction lead Leticia Noriega said. 

IPC is integrated physics and chemistry which is a class that is filled with mostly sophomores. 

 “We did have an IPC teacher last year. And so this year that teacher is now teaching bio.” Noriega said. 

The science department is relying on their team to support them through the lack of teachers. 

“We want somebody who wants to be here and who will fit in with our team.” Noriega said. 

The science department is searching for the proper person to be the teacher for the class. For now, they have a substitute that’s fitting right in. 

“We have Ms. Daniel who is there and has been there since August, so she is giving the lessons and doing as much as she can as much as a normal teacher could,” Noriega said. “Well, since Ms. Daniel is our full-time sub she is just dedicated to that position so it’s not really interfering with any other duties she has.”

The students of the IPC class have been keeping up with the curriculum and aren’t affected by the lack of teacher.

“I think that our campus in particular has been very fortunate in having a really great team of teachers to help one another out,” Noriega said. “So even if somebody is out for whatever reason the team gets together to figure out how to make sure the students aren’t dramatically affected. That’s been a real plus for us.”

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