In VASE this weekend 25 students made it to state

by Katie Barton | Editor-In-Chief

This past weekend, Johnson art students competed in the VASE competition, 25 of those entries made it to state.

“It was fantastic. I think we have more state qualifiers this year than we’ve ever had before,” art teacher Christine Dallahan said. “Over 200 entries, I think almost 300 entries, and almost all of them scored the highest possible score.”

VASE stands for visual arts scholastic event. At the event students are Judged by people called a juror who scores their work on a scale of one to four.

“The juror asks them some questions about their work, about the artistic process, about the elements and principles of art that they used in their work,” Dallahan said. “A general conversation about their work.”

Students can enter many different mediums of art into the VASE competition.

“Any type of visual art can go to the vase, we have drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art, photography,” Dallahan said.

According to Dallahan, VASE pieces are the product of lots of time and hard work from students, as they want to present their best artwork at competition.

“VASE pieces should be fully complete, highly polished. Like the best of the best,” Dallahan said. “So, students will work on them anywhere from, a week, two weeks, to several months, depending on what the project is.”

VASE gives students the opportunity to have their art seen and critiqued by new people as well as meet more people in the art community..

“One of the best things about Vase is that it gives students a chance to have feedback from another art professional,” Dallahan said. “It also is a great way for students to meet other art students and encourage each other and kinda get that support from other artists.”


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