Prom will be at Hyatt, theme is masquerade ball

by Maddy Lingk | staff writer

Prom will be held at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio Riverwalk on May 6; the theme will be Masquerade Ball. 

“So we usually have it at the JW Marriott which is right here close to Johnson but their venue wasn’t available this year,” junior class sponsor Daniel Farias said. “So we had to find another venue that could accommodate us since we are such a large event.”

When planning for the prom, Farias is given multiple dates to consider by principal Comalander. 

“And those are dates that work with the calendar with other extracurricular activities with students and their schedules. And so we try to pick the date that best works with what’s available with the venue and what works for the school calendar,” Farias said.

Students may be concerned about prom occurring at the same time as AP exams, which will be from May 1 to May 12.

“Yeah, so we do realize that it is during AP exam season. So hopefully this is just an opportunity for students to have fun and take a little break from their studying and from their AP exam taking,” Farias said. “Spring semester is always a very busy time of year. There’s always so much going on.”

Like in previous years, students can fill out a permission form for guests from another school; it can be submitted to the main office. Tickets will be sold only to juniors and seniors who can buy them in Farias’ room, A359, from March 20 to May 5. 

“So the last two weeks of March tickets are going to be $65. So that’s going to be right after spring break,” Farias said. “And then starting in April all the way up to the day before the prom tickets are going to go up to $75.”

Students will also receive a prom t-shirt with their purchase. Additionally, only cash and checks are accepted. If students have any worries about affording a ticket, they can talk to Farias. 

“And so if they have a concern about that they’re always welcome to come by and talk with me and I will see what I can do to help them,” Farias said.

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