Senior assassin game for the 2023 seniors to begin May 1

by Katie Barton|Editor-In-Chief

This year’s student-lead senior assassin game will begin on May 1. 

The entry fee for the game will cost five dollars and sign up for the game will be at five p.m. on April 28.

“Everyone has a water gun and is assigned a target,” senior and owner of the senior assassin organizer Mia Salas said. “Once your target is eliminated you get their target and so on, and the last one standing wins.”

The game will have several different awards for competitors to win, including cash prizes.

“The winners will receive the grand prize that is determined by the number of seniors who enter the game,” Salas said. “This year there will be three prizes, first place, runner-up, and most-kills.”

The tradition of senior assassin has been around for years, and can be a sort of bonding experience for seniors according to Salas. 

“I think that they are great traditions to continue and add to the excitement of graduation,” Salas said. “Also since the targets are randomly assigned it helps students meet new people that we’re graduating with because usually about 200 plus students participate in senior assassins.”

Students wanting to participate should follow @ctjhsseniorassassin23 on instagram, as this is where rules and updates for the game will be posted. 

“All of the information regarding rules, entry, and boundaries, will be posted to the senior assassin instagram on March 31,” Salas said. “Those interested in playing should follow the senior assassin instagram for updates and such.”


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