Seniors walk elementary school hallways one more time

by Mia Lopez | staff writer

Once again NEISD will host their elementary walks for seniors.  Cibolo Green, Bulverde Creek., Roan Forest, Canyon Ridge, Encino Park and Tuscany Heights will host Johnson seniors.  Seniors who attended these schools when they were in elementary are welcome to attend this event and feel nostalgic for when they were kids. 

“I moved around a bunch when I was younger so when I finally got to Cibolo green which is kind of where I met most of my buddies..but my freshman year I moved away and moved back my senior year so being able to go back there with the people I grew up with is something that’s important to me,” senior Austin Siepmann said. 

Siepmann is looking forward to catching up with the teachers that taught him when he was in elementary school.

“It’s definitely something that I’m looking forward to i’m hoping to see some of my old teachers there and being able to say hi,” Siepmann said. “I’m just gonna show up and enjoy myself with all my fellow classmates.”

Senior Itzel Lara Moreno  is happy to visit her childhood at Roan Forest.

“I decided to participate in it just because I knew this was an event that happened to seniors and obviously you know it’s just really nostalgic going back to your elementary school days and for me it’s seeing my teachers like there’s some that I really want to see and tell them what I’ve been up to and just tell them thanks because of you I got this far maybe,” Lara Moreno said. 

Despite having to wake up earlier than usual Lara Moreno  is still excited to go back to Roan Forest.

“Yeah, I’m excited. The only thing is that I have to wake up super early but yeah I think it’s gonna be exciting I believe the Roan Forest one they do give us breakfast,” Lara Moreno  said. 

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