Breaking out the boba

by Maddy Lingk | staff writer

Next time you stop at the HEB on the 281-1604 intersection, make sure to get a drink at the Kung Fu Tea that just opened up. If you haven’t heard of it before, Kung Fu Tea is a bubble tea chain that originated in New York; currently they have over 350 locations in the US. If you don’t know what bubble tea is, it’s a Taiwanese drink made with chewy tapioca pearls. The drink itself has a lot of variety, meaning it can be anything from a milk tea with brown sugar to a mango slushy depending on where you go.

This specific franchise has a lot of fun flavors like winter melon with a milk cap, longan jujube, Oreo slush, and red bean wow. As you can tell, there are a lot of different drinks here that you can’t find at other boba places. The drinks have a medium and large size and you can get them either iced or warm. The shop itself is well decorated, clean, and has a very sharp look. The windows have a lot of posters advertising their different products and the walls inside have colorful and intriguing designs that remind me of pop art. Personally, I think that the beverages here are well priced and slightly cheaper than other boba places I’ve been to, making it perfect for a high schooler with little money.Sesame matcha drink from Kung Fu Tea

Overall, I really enjoyed this place and the drink I got, which was their sesame matcha flavor. The boba was well-cooked and the drink tasted amazing; it had sesame seeds on top and blended in with the tea. It wasn’t too flavorful or watery either. I’ve had other flavors at different locations and every time I have been satisfied with it. Plus, the flavor I got was unique and something I’ve never seen at another boba shop. Their packaging is also really cute and well made and I love their dragon imagery, something that also showed up in the store itself. I also know that we’ve done a lot of reviews of boba places, but I suppose us newspaper writers just have a type. I’m not sure about the more unconventional flavors, but it’s hard to go wrong with a boba place as well-known as this one, I’d definitely recommend it for both the adventurous and people trying it for the first time.

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