Finally – my ‘senior column thing’

 by Katie Barton | Editor-In-Chief

For my last piece of writing in this class I thought I’d finish it doing all the small quirks I started this class with. Sophomore me who would push the space button a million times to make an indent instead of just hitting tab and who titled every document with the word thing at the end. As a Senior and editor-in-chief of the newspaper I have managed to grow out of these habits but for old times sake I thought I’d l do them one last time. 

I have so many fond memories connected to this class that it’s hard to recall just a few but I will try here’s some of my favorites. Joseph and all his vaguely harsh editor antics, Jewett and when she tries to use teenage lingo, Chloe when she gets annoyed at me for calling all soda coke and makes eye contact with me when someone says anything that could even vaguely be made into a that’s what she said joke, mornings of just sitting and talking with people all around the program like Lauren and other yearbook people, coming over to stand by Chloe as she works in broadcast stuff during fourth. All of these things that seemed so small at the time have now become my favorite things about my day and my high school experience.

All those little things are why I say a small piece of my soul will always stay in A128 because my favorite memories and favorite peoples are all in that room as well. A128 is a home and safe place for all the journalism kids and I hope it continues to be for many years. 

To the Newspaper staff of 2023 I hope you know what an amazing senior year y’all have given me. I’m very proud of all the work y’all have done and how much you have improved. I know most of y’all aren’t staying but regardless I hope you look fondly on your time in our class and I hope I was able to lead you well. To Maddy you’re gonna do great as a leader next year. I know you’re nervous but I know you’re gonna be amazing. You have a great work ethic and make amazing things. And if you need help you know you can always text Chloe and I cause we’re always here for you. 

To Jewett I hope you know what an amazing classroom environment and program you have created. You made an amazing place where me and many other students have felt safe. I hope you get to retire soon and become a travel blogger cause I really think you’d be great at it and also you deserve some nice unstressful time off because I know we can be a handful sometimes.

 To Chloe, my fellow Editor-in-Chief, it has been a joy to work by your side and I’m so proud of us for getting through all of high school and making it to the end. I can’t wait to graduate together and go on to both have lovely little careers in journalism. 

 To the future generations of MyJagNews, take a breath you got this! I know it can be scary to have to go into classes and interview people but you will get used to it. I promise it gets easier each time you do it. Listen to Jewett and to your editors because they know what they’re doing but also don’t be afraid to suggest new things and put yourself out there. You’re gonna do great and know that I’ll always be reading and supporting even when I’m 30 and live in an apartment with my 10 cats. 

To end my letter I just want to once again say thank you to the entire journalism and newspaper program both past and present for the amazing experience y’all have given me. Even though it’s just a small portion of the beginning of my life I still think I’ll always remember this program. 

For the last time, this was an article written

by Katie Barton | Editor-In-Chief 

🙂 <3

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