juice cleanse

Is the juice worth the pain?

Juicing. It’s all the rage this season. With a national focus moving towards health, juicing is an easy way to sell natural, organic or just plain healthy products.

Four years in cotton t-shirts

As graduation approaches and college acceptance letters start flowing in, the high school t-shirt becomes less and less attractive, and even an hour after graduation said t-shirts are all but illegal to wear.
Senior Year Supplies

The evolution of school supply shopping

Folders, sparkling, sporting the face of your favorite pop star, or the face of the world’s cutest puppy, and not be be purchased without a coordinating spiral, composition book and three-ring binder.
Crazy Oreos

New takes on a classic treat

We have all been there. You are walking down the cookie aisle at Target, expecting to buy a package of classic Oreos-two chocolate cookies sandwiching a vanilla cream filling. But when you approach the display of Oreos, you are accosted with a variety of the latest flavors