Dual Credit limit sneaks into 2016-17 school year

Soon after students completed the necessary forms and applied to take dual credit courses for the 2016-2017 school year, counselor Desiree Meza received an email from a representative for the Alamo Colleges explaining that there what would be a new regulation in regards to how many of these courses could be taken

Senior assassin game: shoot or lose?

Senior Maddie Cleer eagerly anticipates the senior assassin game that will begin Saturday, March 5. Awaiting the excitement the game brings, Cleer, along with senior Matthew Kimmell, organize and prepare to make this year’s assassin game memorable for every participating senior.

High-schoolers take on part-time jobs

Keeping up with a part-time job and school may not be the life for some, but many high school and college students have jobs either because they really need money, they’re living on their own, they need to save for the future, or they simply want some extra spending money for the weekend.

PSAT scores are just around the corner

The time when students anxiously await their PSAT scores has arrived. Students, parents, and counselors alike are anticipating the day test scores will be released. This is a time of stress and excitement for many; consuming a great deal of some individuals’ thoughts.

Studying hard, or hardly studying?

by Caitlin Blackmon | staff writer As the school year progresses, teachers become more and more anxious about students’ lack of participation and willingness to complete their homework. They worry for the st...

Administration cracks down on dress code policy

Although NEISD does have a dress code policy, there is sometimes difficulty in enforcing it partly because of the student to teacher ratio. It is because of this reason that some students may not feel much pressure to observe the school dress code.