The 15 Best 80’s Movies

Whether you’re looking for action, comedy, or horror, the 80’s won’t let you down. This list is in no particular order; it’s just a breakdown of some of the best movies from the decade.

‘Hush’ Review

Hush is a new horror movie released on Netflix and directed by Mike Flanagan, the same guy who brought us Oculus. The main protagonist in the film is actually deaf, which makes the situation that much scarier.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Finally, Batman and Superman clash on the big screen, and it’s a huge spectacle. Director Zack Snyder who also helmed comic book movies “300”, “Watchmen”, and “Man of Steel” once again brings his amazing visual style to deliver a movie fans will more than likely appreciate.

Daredevil Season 2 Review

After an amazing first season, Daredevil returns to Netflix. This time we also get new characters - The Punisher and Elektra, but one of them works better than the other.

2016 Oscars Recap and Movie News

Last Sunday, the 88th Academy Awards began with host Chris Rock giving a humorous monologue, followed by Mad Max: Fury Road picking up a total of six awards. Later the audience watched as Chris Rock’s daughter’s began selling Girl Scout cookies to various celebrities, and finish up with Leonardo DiCaprio finally capturing an Oscar, and Spotlight winning the title of best picture.

Deadpool – Movie Review

Ryan Reynolds now gets a second chance to play the character of Deadpool in this new movie, and he certainly took full advantage of it. Tim Miller’s Deadpool is a comedic rollercoaster, and it never slowed down.

2016: A New Year of Entertainment

by Cameron Tejeda | staff writer 2016 is finally upon us, and along with it comes another jam-packed year full of movies and shows. We’ve seen the big movies of 2015 like Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars Epi...