5 Movie Theater Etiquette Rules

No one knows what to expect when they walk into a movie theater. You can only hope that you won’t have any annoying audience members among you. When there is silence you can get immersed into the world of the film, but when people are yapping away all you can think about is choking them out until they beg for forgiveness. So now I’m laying down the rules for how to respect everyone watching the movie with you.

Top 10 Batman Movies

I’m a huge Batman fanboy, so I couldn’t wait until next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to write about him. Batman has influenced my life immensely. I’ve read comics, watched the movies/TV shows, and played the videogames. There’s just something motivating and inspirational about the guy. I mean, I would wear a Batman mask everywhere if I could. I know, I’m sad and pathetic, but it’s for the vigilante of the night. He’s more than a man, he’s a symbol of justice! Alright, now that I have that out of my system we can talk about my ten favorite Batman movies.

Bond is back with new ‘Spectre’ film

'Spectre' is directed by Sam Mendes, who also helmed the last installment of this franchise, while Daniel Craig continues his run as playing the famous James Bond. I had a good time with 'Spectre', and I think it is definitely worth a watch.

Top 5 Horror Movies

It’s Halloween time! Ah, October 31- a time when the evil spirits come out to play. And by “play”, I mean devour your insides. It’s OK, calm down. Halloween is the perfect time to sit down with your friends at night and watch some scary movies. So grab some popcorn and an icy cold beverage, because I’m counting down my top five favorite horror movies of all time.

Spielberg returns with ‘Bridge of Spies’

Bridge of Spies is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Tom Hanks. By now I think we all expect Spielberg’s films to be great (Jaws, Indiana Jones, E.T., Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan). The list goes on and on, and while Bridge of Spies probably won’t be a classic like the others, it’s still a very good film.

Top 10 Movie Villains

Villains come in many shapes and sizes. However they all have a few things in common: they’re all creepy, evil, and the best at what they do. Psychopathic clowns? Check. Ruler of the galaxy? Check. Killer sea creature? Check. Halloween is almost here, so I’m counting down the ten best movie villains of all-time. This list will contain some SPOILERS, so read at your own risk.

‘The Walk’ best in 3D

The Walk is directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It tells the true life events of a man whose dream was to tie a rope in between the two towers of the World Trade Center, and walk across it in 1974. Yes, it is a true story. I think Robert Zemeckis has solidified himself as one of the greats after directing classics like Back to the Future, Forrest Gump and Cast Away. But just in case anyone doubted his ability, he makes another good film.

Sicario: a cinematic masterpiece

Sicario is directed by Denis Villeneuve and tells the story of an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) who gets involved with another task force to fight the war against drugs in Mexico. Denis Villeneuve has quickly become one of my favorite directors after creating phenomenal films like Prisoners (2013) and Enemy (2014). Now, Sicario is added to his excellent filmography.

‘The Martian’ full of great performances

The Martian is directed by Ridley Scott and is about an astronaut who is stranded on Mars after a storm hits, and his crew must abandon him. I’ve been a fan of Ridley Scott ever since seeing great movies made by him including Alien (1979) and Gladiator (2000). So I was expecting some good things from this movie, and he didn’t disappoint.

Check this movie out, mate

Pawn Sacrifice is based on the true story of Bobby Fischer, a World Chess Champion during the 1970s. Fischer’s life is an interesting one, and the film definitely does a great job of translating it on screen for the most part.