Holiday season

Top 10 holiday albums through the ages

With Thanksgiving long and gone and Christmas on the rise, holiday music can be heard almost every where you go. This type of music has evolved over the years to include various artists and genres, however there are some albums that remain iconic to this day. Here are 10 of the best holiday albums out there, in my opinion:

Basketball season on the horizon

by Elijah Johns | staff writer As fall sports come to a close, basketball season getting into full swing. After coming off a great season with a winning record last year, the Jaguars hope to have another su...

College admission proves difficult for some

With second semester just around the corner, applying to college becomes a stressing thought for some seniors. As the admissions requirements become increasingly more stringent, simply having good grades may not be enough to gain acceptance into your dream college.

How much is too much?

Sports are an essential part of the high school students lives. According to U.S. News, about 55.5% of high school students participate in athletics for their school. Many times, these students devote their lives and all their free time to one single sport. These students push themselves hard all year and unfortunately, in some cases it leads to an increase of injury.