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Officer positions revoked as lack of leadership continues

It seems like most people have probably heard at least some variation of these titles before- whether it’s anxiously awaiting the results of an election or fulfilling the requirements associated with the position yourself, titles are given to people who are supposed to embody the qualities of a respectable leader, such as honesty and integrity. However, in some student-led clubs and organizations, there seems to be a definite distinction between one’s status in an organization versus one’s level of commitment.
2014 boundary change for Bush/Reagan

Boundary change sends Bush students to Reagan

On Monday, December 8th, a unanimous vote conducted by the NEISD Board of Trustees officially approved a new policy that will take effect in the 2015-2016 school year. According to this policy, students who attend Bush middle school will be required to attend Reagan high school. However, a grandfather clause may grant some students the opportunity to chose which high school they would like to attend, either Reagan or Johnson.
TTUISD courses

Graduating early: earning outside of school

. By completing courses online- either through Texas Tech University or the University of Texas, through night school, summer school, or an approved online university, students are able to earn credits that would otherwise be earned after completing four years of high school.

Honor Societies in abundance this year

Excluding National Honor Society (NHS), there are approximately six honor societies on campus. These include National French Honor Society (NFHS), National Spanish Honor Society (NSHS), National Art Honor Society (NAHS), National Science Honor Society (NSHS), Quill and Scroll: International Honorary Society for high school Journalists, and the newly formed National English Honor Society (NEHS).

College apps: why letters of recommendation are your friends

Whether it’s finding a school that most appropriately aligns with your academic needs, negating the pro’s and con’s of in state versus out of state tuition, or simply trying to figure out what you want to study, the college application process is one that many students face, but there is something that can be added to a college resume that may benefit students.

Forty-one teachers to join staff this year

This year there are approximately 41 new teachers on campus, including a new counselor and a new administrator. Having graduated from an NEISD high school, Min is one of these new additions to staff, teaching Algebra II and AQR (Advanced Quantified Reasoning).