Ending the year with a bang (of homework)

Taking all advanced classes possible, as well as band and other extra curriculars, students such as sophomore Veronica Herrera are already bombarded with end of the year stress, yet limits are still being tested due to the backbreaking projects being assigned to almost all Johnson students.

Is sexual harassment becoming the norm?

Walking down an alley, clutching our bags so tightly, our knuckles turn white, all of the while avoiding contact with the group of lust driven men whistling away various vulgarities. We zip up our jackets and make a beeline to our car. All to avoid any unwanted advances. Most women know this feeling. The fear that something will happen just because we’re… women.

Is censorship in the media still necessary?

Breaking Bad has Meth use in every episode, Teen Wolf is known for their ungodly amounts of gore and How I Met Your Mother has more sexual innuendos than it does dialogue. Yet, the use of things like the F-word is what can cause a network harm in terms of censorship. So is it time for our media to take the 'explicit' approach and let everything be in the open?

Momma always said, ‘try new things’

In busy times like these, we have no time for anything other than our usual routine. But our bodies, (especially our stomachs) weren’t made for ruts like that. Which is why we at My Jag News have created a list of hotspots in San Antonio that make a good alternative to the usual Sonic and Starbucks.

Johnson is #NoPlaceforHate

Student Council has done it again. The class has created yet another fun and interactive way for Johnson students to feel one with another, this time in the form of bully awareness week or “No Place for Hate”