Less Drama Means Students Get Along Better

| April 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Megan Delatorre
KMSN Staff

It seems like drama happens every day at our school because a lot of people go around and Gossiping about other people. When that happens, it usually means people get hurt for dumb reasons.
Drama happens when there is overreaction by someone to things that are not worth getting too upset about. The small things get people so mad and they really shouldn’t be mad for.
When drama happens people get in to it and it happens to spread around the school and everybody gets into it.
“Drama is not good it is not healthy and it causes problems” Daytona Lenard (7I) said.
A lot of people do not like drama and people think that some people should get over it.
“I think it’s dumb to get upset over drama and people should get over it” Jacqui Guerrero (7K) said.
Some people like drama I don’t know why anybody would but some do.
In conclusion, people think drama is bad so they end up getting in to it and bad stuff happens like fights and some people get really hurt. That is not good!

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  1. joerobert says:

    i see drama every day!
    and i see the good kind in drama class 😀

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