What “Aviation” really is

Aviation is many things to many people. Unfortunately many airline pilots fall into the trap where their aviation world becomes a job that’s it just a job, it is sad to see that happen but it does all the time. On the other side corporate and general aviation pilots most often don’t because of the many surprises that there aviation world holds. So please stay tuned to see what aviation really is.

General Aviation pilots often get  to fly to different destinations and see many different things. Lets take a look at the downsides to general aviation.

Airline pilots often don’t notice but there career becomes a job not a hobby. They get to the airport fly the plane all day and then go home, that’s it. Some pilots realize what’s happening and assess it. This is what they come up with, the same codes, same frequencies,  got to the same places, and say the same things, the list is endless. So is this what your hobby become a JOB. Another thing is pilot fatigue which causes the hobby to become a job. It also causes many hazards like the potential to crash or damaging the aircraft. Okay those are the down sides lets take a look at the upsides. You get to have that great feeling of having flown those people many miles and landed them safely. You get to fly large planes and see different planes at the airports. Hey and remember those cold days when your doing the pre flight and freezing your toes off, or when you finished your shift and your the last person out of the plane and your special person is waiting for you. So after analyzing all of this I found there are ups and downs to airline flying.

General Aviation Pilots have the freedom to fly around to different places all the time. Some times money places restrictions on when they get to fly but when they do it’s always worth it.  GA planes do not have the range or speed of the modern airliners so it takes longer to get to your destination.  Though it is a disadvantage you get to travel lower burning more fuel but getting to look at the scenery below easier. The piper cub can land in 100 feet if you can get the speeds low enough you have many possibilities when it comes to choosing a place to land.  General Aviation planes stretch from a Cessna 172 to maybe a Cessna 208 caravan to  a private jet. So how does that sound so far.

Planes lets talk about the planes. There are many types of planes that exist like the common Cessna 172, the rigged Piper J-3 Cub, Classic Boeing 737, Iconic Boeing 747, and the massive Antonov An 225. Planes are what make up this wonderful world yet some people take it for granted. Many travelers talk about delays of airlines small seats crowded planes and small restrooms. All of those things would not be an issue if they went our way but if they don’t than enjoy being at the airport those things aren’t the end of the world so people should enjoy the experience of the plane or airport and relax. Cargo planes carry those special packages and presents you all want on time. Passenger planes carry you and your baggage to wherever you want to go. Tour planes give you a better look at what you want to see.

Aviation is many things it is the freedom of being in the air alone with a few other people and being free. It is flying higher like no else. So what does it mean to you. Please comment and tell me what you think aviation really is. Till next time. In the mean time I will try to post videos and sites with aviation content.

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