Samsung Galaxy Tab

Most of you probably have heard of the iPhone. A lot of you have also probably heard of the iPad that has the iPhone software, IOS 4 in it. If you think that’s cool, you should check out the Galaxy S Tab by Samsung. This runs Android 2.2 which like the iPad ( which runs the apple  IOS) also runs on [ Android] phones.  Android is a software  that was invented by Google. Just like IOS was invented by Apple. This is the first 7in. Android tab and it ships with an authentic Android interface. It comes equipped with Samsung Media Hub, which is like iTunes, and you can download movies and TV shows from there as well. Though you can buy songs from Amazon MP3.  This is one of the first android tablets out on the market. It has a 3 mega-pixel camera with flash on the back and a front facing 1.3 mp camera on the front. It has Wifi and 3g, but you will have to buy a no-contract data plan. It is available on T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and US. Cellular. The size feels more comfortable to hold in one hand than an iPad with a 7in. screen and weighing 13oz.

This is a great device for streaming videos  and listening to music with flash support so you can play games and watch flash movies too. The app store also provides hours of endless entertainment with original favorites like “N.O.V.A” and “Angry birds”. You can also use it as an e-reader and view PowerPoint along with other documents on it. Another thing is that you can download the Barnes and Noble and Kindle E-Reader apps on to it.
The Samsung galaxy tab is also more portable than the iPad it also has 2Gb of ROM to install apps. Another difference is that it has a plastic backing and not a chrome type back like the iPad.
It can also keep you on top of your social online life with apps like Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook. It has a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and weighs in at 13.25oz. The Samsung Galaxy Tab just might be the next big thing in the market.

Also watch out for other tablets like the Motorola Xoom to be hitting the market this spring.

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