Yearbook is more than just photography

Valerie Spiegel
KMSN Staff

Do you like taking pictures, working with computers, and are good at talking with students you don’t know?  Then yearbook is the class for you because it has all that.  Most people think yearbook class is just about taking pictures, but it’s about dedication and getting done on the deadline, and feeling the pressure. Especially when the deadline is coming and you have not done a thing.

“Yearbook is so much fun for me. I like that you always have something to do,” Marrisa Guerra (8K) said.
You do always have something for the yearbook that you need to be doing. The fun part is that you do get to take lots of pictures.  “You get to take lots of pictures. It’s really fun and exciting.” Brenda Pedraza (7K) said. You do get to take lots of pictures but after a while you start to feel the pressure.  “You get to design pages the pages the way you want. And after a while you feel the pressure,” Valerie Ortiz (7K) said.

So, now you have heard three different opinions about yearbook. Still sound fun? Yearbook is more than having a good page; you have to be dedicated to your work.  You have to be good with people you don’t know. So if you can be dedicated, like computers and you don’t mind the pressure than this is the right class for you.

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