Multimedia course gets thumbs-up from students

Dylan Keck
KMSN Staff

Multi-Media class has been described as an awesome class by most students, who have taken it or are currently enrolled in it.  It is almost every students favorite class on their schedule. Students can do so much in that class including making and editing videos. These activities are done under the watchful eyes of Mr. Josh Beck.

Most people think Multi-Media class is easy because it’s a computer class.  However, once they take the class they find out that it is definitely not the easiest class during their school day, in fact some people would say probably the hardest.  You really have to know what you’re doing and where to go with the knowledge you’re given.

“Mr. Beck gives us cool projects to do, I get to create so many cool things,” Fernando Pavon (7I) said. Reactions like Pavon’s makes this class very enticing for most students who will want to join the class. “It’s very, very fun and challenging.  It’s my favorite class and I wish I could do it more often,” John Shepard (7I) said.

Mr. Beck recently shared his thoughts on the 7th grade class.”I love to teach Multi-Media to all of the students.  There isn’t anything I would rather do than teach Multi-Media,” Beck said. Based on these responses and other comments Multi-Media class is really fun and exciting for the majority of students.  You get to do so much and it is totally worth taking as a course. The teacher is favored and extremely popular with students. Hopefully, students who have not experienced this class will take it in the near future as an elective.

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