Blender – Part One

by Mikyle Christian

Blender is a really intriguing  program that lots of people here at Krueger are using. Blender is an open source and it’s completely free. It is a good program because you can create movies and video games with it. If you’re really good with Blender you can make anything from a strategy game genre, to FPS, sports games like soccer, and even, yes pong. You can download it here at You can try out the sample video, Big Buck Bunny here at

One teacher here that teaches Blender is Chris Groff (6k). In this classroom the sixth grade students are learning how to make this simple animation and sculpt the rockets as well as making them blast off. Seems appropriate for KSAT don’t you think? In this class these students are striving for success trying to master blender and the better you get at it the cooler things you can do. “I like it because you get to build 3D games,” says Christian Bell (6k). This seems to be very popular with students such as Alex Robeck. “Two main thing I like about Blender is building games and making videos and each is equally as cool.”

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