Blender part 2

Blender part 2
by Mikyle Christian

In part 2 of blender we will take a look at the new blender update, the operating systems blender runs on, the things students in Mr.Becks class are creating, what animation means for you, and some comments from students. Just a short recap for you. Blender is and open source 3D imaging and animation program that you can use to create  games and animated videos.

Blender can run on Windows (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32, 64 bits), Linux (x86 32/64 bits), and Mac (Mac OS X (PPC and Intel 32.64 bits. Right now Blender version  2.5 has recently been released. This is classified as a stable version of the blender software so its not a beta.
With blender you can make rigid or dynamic body’s which mean you can make it to where if something touches it , does it move or not? This is important while making video games and even the movies. Working with blender takes time but its pretty fun when you make a video game or complete a video. Also this will give you an edge if you want to go into the animation business coming out with films such as UP and Tangled. If you saw the video link from my last article you were able to check out the movie big buck bunny. that as i mentioned was made by blender but the image quality and  the way they put it together wasn’t much different from the way they do it in Hollywood. When you make a blender video one of the most important things to do is to render it. This means to put it together and make it final and also  putt it in the format so you can view it as an mp4. Blender like you may have picked up on is one of the key gateways  to the animation world. With skills like this you may be the one that creates the next blockbuster animation film.

The blender monster head projects were harder than the rocket projects and required more detail. This is because of the hair particles.” physics particles (like the hair) is one of the hardest parts of blender,” says 7i teacher Josh Beck.  7i student Steven Gonzales seems to agree,” its all pretty hard but the hair was defiantly the hardest.”

These students have worked hard on their monster head blender animations so why not check them out ?

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