8th Graders Strike it Rich

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Android developers create apps and backgrounds for Android phones. Mr. Beck is one of those many Android developers. He teaches these skills to 8th graders every day.

These 8th graders create backgrounds for people to buy for their phones. People can download these backgrounds or apps, with their price ranging from being free to costing one dollar. Mr. Beck makes $10 – $20 a day from his dozens of backgrounds. On average, a student developer makes about $10 a week. This may not seem like very much, but the developer does not have to constantly work on the app. One developer says, ” I’m playing games and making money at the same time!”

To publish apps, you need a Google Market Account. To get this account, you simply need to sign up for it. Signing up for an account costs $25, and you pay this amount using Google Checkout. Once you get this, you can sign up for a Merchant Account for free. To get this account, you will need an IRS EIN. This is completely safe and free, so don’t worry. You will sign up with the IRS and instantly get an EIN. The Merchant Account requires the EIN to sign up. Once you have the Merchant Account, you can sell the backgrounds and apps for money. This is something YOU could do!

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