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Haven’t heard of it yet? Well you’re missing out because Vocaloid is super fun and amazing! I have my own personal experience with making some songs and working with all the Voice Banks.

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application which developed from a joint research project between the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and Yamaha Corparation, who had the money for the development project and later gave it the name “Vocaloid”. The software lets the user type in lyrics and melody. The voices are from voice actors or singers. In the software you can also change the pronounciation of the word, add vibration to the voice, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice.

Every Vocaloid is sold as “A singer in a box” made to act as a replacement for a real world singer. Vocaloid was originally avaliable in Japanese and English but for the latest Vocaloid 3 project Chinese, Korean, and Spanish will be added. The software is for professional musicans but, can also be used by free time users. Many Japanese musical groups such as Supercell and Livetune have also used Vocaloid to release original songs. Many English musicans such as Mike Oldfield have used vocaloid for backup Vocals.

The history of the software is back until March of the year 2000 , when it was announced in Germany. The very first Vocaloids were Leon and Lola both were Engloids (English Vocaloids) and they were released by Zero-G. After that success Zero-G introduced Miriam to Vocaloid in July 2004, her voice provider was Miriam Stockley. Later that year Yamaha had introduced their 1st Vocaloid “MEIKO”. The engine was later upgraded to 1.1. Soon a patch was released to update all voacloid engines. “KAITO” was later released making a total of 5 Vocaloids released from 2004-2006.

Vocaloid 2 was announced in 2007 with new features for the Technology and new upgrades. A new batch of many Vocaloids were soon created. Zero-G had released about 3 or 4 english Vocaloid. Crypton Future Media had released 6 new Japanese Vocaloids including Miku Hatsune and Rin & Len Kagamine, part of the CV0 series. Two Vocaloids were released by PowerFX with those being Sweet Ann and Big Al. AH Software released 4 Vocaloids those being Kaai Yuki, Kiyoteru Hiyama, SF-A2 Miki, and Nekomura Iroha. Yamaha soon released VY2 Yuma, VY1 Mizuki, and Lily. Internet Co. Ltd released 3 Vocaloids. Those 3 were Gumi, Kamui Gakupo, and Gachapoid Ryuto. Than Utatane Piko was soon released by Sony Music Ent. Japan.

Vocaloid 3 is in the process of being made but with new and improved Vocaloids that sound more realistic. Many Appends are being made for the Vocaloid 1 & 2 Products. Two of the new Vocaloids were actually made by children for a contest where entries from overseas were allowed. Many of the new ones are unknown but, all of the companies involved with Vocaloid 1 & 2 will make comebacks with Real Life sounding Voice banks.

Fanmade Vocaloids have also been created from bases of the real Vocaloids. The most popular ones are Kaiko Shion, Akaito Shion, Mikuo Hatsune, Rei, and Rui Kagane, and Dell Honne. These Vocaloids are all fan created and have their own character designs just like the real ones.

Sample Song:  Miku Hatsune- Black Rock Shooter [audio:https://newspaper.neisd.net/kruegerfalcons/files/2011/09/Mikus-BLACK-ROCK-SHOOTER-with-English-Lyric.mp3]

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