Texas Burns Up in the Summer Sun

Records have been broken, rivers, lakes, ponds, and creeks run dry, will rain ever come? These past 8 years of San Antonio history has been one huge drought, the longest drought in the history of the United States! The air over Texas is filled with smoke as fire crews all across Texas race to contain the raging infernos all over Texas. All of these fires can be prevented if we all take the necessary precautions.

You may have heard about the brushfire that took place at Stone Oak and Evans road on September 4th. The flames took nearly 3 hours to contain and almost 5 hours to put out. The fire started when a San Antonio water truck engine overheated and pulled over into the grass. The grass caught on fire when the truck pulled into the grass and the heat from the exhaust pipe. The moral of the Stone Oak fire is to if you have to pull over or stop for any reason, watch out for dry grass and and any flammable materials, try to find some gravel or concrete to pull over onto instead of into the grass.

Later, on September 5th, a large wildfire started near the northern border of Camp Bullis and it spread to Ralph Fair Road, and it almost crossed it completely, but the fire crews were able to contain most of the flames. The cause of the fire is unknown, but the fire was still very large and the flames burned over 300 acres of land. This also shows how severe these fires can be, and that is why we must take precautions to prevent these fires. Another fire started on September 8th in southern San Antonio, as it spread it quickly burned down 4 houses, 3 other structures, and 16 cars. According to news reports the fire burned 16 acres of land. The investigation has so far led people to believe that the fire started because of people burning trash. In this drought we must do everything we can to prevent any more fires.

You can help prevent fires by keeping hot materials and flames of all kinds (even embers) away from any burnable materials. The smallest spark can start a wildfire in this heat, so take all the precautions that you can.

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