5 Minute Passing Periods

Running to class is too difficult! Only 3 minutes to walk to class is not enough.

Well what if we had 5 minutes to get to class. That would give us time to use the restroom and get water, so we don’t have to take time out of class. Plus we would have more time to slow down, not run and get hurt. If we have something in our locker we need we could stop and get it really fast and still make it to class. It’s good for teachers also, they don’t have to get up during class and run their students to the bathroom.

We need our time to get to class. Teachers should really take a look into this. Our school day would be less hectic with longer passing periods. With 3 minute passing periods kids show up late and disrupt class when they walk in and the whole class looks back to see who’s at the door. If we were all on time we would have more time to learn. I’m not asking for much, because I understand we got more freedom this year than last year. With the whole walking to lunch by ourselves. But it would be great to have a longer time to get to our next period after lunch. Because a lot of people put their stuff in their locker and they have to go get their stuff after lunch. Some people have to walk all the way to the science building after lunch. Three minutes is not enough time to get there and get your things out of your locker. This year for tardies we have to go to court. Nobody wants THAT! Even if it makes our day a little longer , the time will be well spent.

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  1. ben says:

    i think we should have longer passing periods because so people can use the bathroom because sometimes there is huge lines. so people will be less stressful thats my reasons0

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