New Changes at Krueger M.S.

There are many new sudden changes that took place here at Krueger Middle School over the last year.

Have you noticed there are some staff members that are no longer here anymore, and teachers that have moved into other positions? There are now many new rules and additions to the cafeteria such as  the brand new salad bar, which is a new healther choice than most other food selections. Also,  you are instructed to sit with your 6th period class to keep things in a more organized order .

In gym class there is a new workout room with eight brand new exercise machines that include treadmills, step walkers, elliptical machines and bicycles. Other much smaller equipment include weights (dumbbells), exercise balls and other equipment.The newest thing that the students dislike is the district banning dodge ball, the reasons are unsure but this decision applies to the whole district.

The new rules have been made, changed, and rearranged for a better and safer school day for the students, that includes sitting with your sixth period class.

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