The Weekly Bling Has Arrived!!!

This article is about the style  here at Krueger. At Krueger we have uniforms, but I’m going to tell you how to rock that uniform and still be in dress code.  Also you will see the latest fads and what is In or Out this week, and it’s all here at Krueger.

Right now at Krueger we have a leading Fad for Toms. Toms is a brand of shoes that’s literally gives back. Kind of like a buy one get one free except the other pair goes to a child in need. To get in on this fad, Nordstroms is a good place to go.

Off The Wall Vans are another BIG thing  here at Krueger. If you look down you will see a mass of Vans, and no one knows why.

Now for how to dress up that uniform.

1.) Get some cool shades for out side only. right now nerdy shades are in, you can get them at Claire’s.

2.) Wear a bright jacket or sweater with your polo.

3.) Earrings are essential for a cute and sassy look.

4.) Necklaces are important to emphasize cuteness.

5.) Funky head bands to hold back your hair. (They might hurt your head but they’re worth it!)

Now for this weeks In and Out.

In: Toms, Vans, Converse, Blue, Earrings, Headbands, Jackets or Sweaters, Sparkles, high heels, Bows, Feathers, and Bangs.

Out: Twilight, Airwalk, Sandals, Pink Hair, Crunches and Stars.

As you now know here at Krueger, we know style. Until later,


P.S. You are reading an older version of The Weekly Bling, for the latest fashion tips click here:

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  1. Liz Chaney says:

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to see next weeks edition.

  2. Danny says:

    Make sure to check out the vans website where you can make custom ones in various colors and some special patterns like skulls or checkers. Word!

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