Yep! Another Fundraiser

Krueger Falcons, It’s fundraising time again! This time we are selling something different: lots of food and other odds and ends. This fundraiser is specifically for Orchestra and Theater Arts.

The Orchestra students will receive a fundraiser packet called Favorite Friends, an order form, and a collection envelope. In the Orchestra fundraising packet, you will be selling pretty much anything from stationary to wrapping paper. ** Remember it is due October 17**

The Theater Arts fundraiser is very similar: They will receive two booklets.  One is called Wisconsin Gourmet which is filled with cheeses, candy, chocolate, and sausages.  The other booklet is called Snacks Galore which, as the name implies, is filled with snack food. The order form and collection envelope for these are also due on October 17.

I know that all of you are looking forward to the many cool prizes. You will receive a prize brochure, but here are some extra prizes you may not know about.

1 Item: A free Rampage ticket for you, and whoever goes with you will get a HUGE discount.

5 Items: you will be entered in a drawing for a 5 lb chocolate bar

10 Items: Bubba the slingshot monkey

20 Items: 5 lb bag of gummy bears

If overall theater, debate, or orchestra raises $1,000, everyone will be entered into a drawing for $100. If you win the drawing, you have to have sold more than 15 items or: no money for you.

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