Al-Qeada Hit Hard

The U.S. is beginning to take control over the terrorist group known as the Al-Qeada. The Al-Qaeda tried to attack a few times since the death of their leader, but they have only been small attacks, and they have all failed. They have already appointed a new leader named Anwar al-Awlakiwho was at first suspected to be dead after a U.S. missile strike, but local authorities say that his body has not been located and there is a chance that he is still alive.

Al-Awlaki is a U.S.-born cleric who was suspected dead after a U.S. missile strike in Yemen, but the Yemeni authorities say that he was not among the two other important Al-Qaeda Members who were killed in the strike. He has tried to take down planes with bombs, but his attempts were failed. One such attempt was the underwear bomb that was going to destroy a jetliner heading for Detroit on Christmas in 2009.

There is no solid proof that Al-Awlaki survived October 4, 2011 the same man who attempted the underwear bomb delivery/ detonation told the U.S. that Al-Awlaki is alive. The U.S. Justice Department has given the CIA clearance to kill Al-Awlaki if he is alive even though he is a citizen of the U.S. The fact that he is a U.S. citizen and the Al-Qeada leader in Yemen makes him a threat. So far there has been no solid facts about his whereabouts, or even if he is alive or not.

Even if Al-Awlaki wasn’t killed at least three other Al-Qeada officials were killed along with Al-Qeada members, one of which was the editor of the Al-Qeadas online magazine, Inspire. The other two officials were high ranked members of the Al-Qeada’s military forces.

Even with the possibility that Al-Awlaki is still alive, the U.S. is safe from most terrorist threats and attacks. Thanks to our armed forces and even security guards the terrorist threat has greatly decreased. Now we have almost nothing to worry about now.

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