Bad Memory?

Do you have bad memory? Well, not to worry, because there are things that you can do to help. Love fruit? Well blueberry will help you out, as proven by “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry”; Adults who drank blueberry juice had improved memory, versus adults who hadn’t consumed blueberry juice. Although you could also choose from foods that contain Omega-3, such as fish, soybeans, etc. You could still choose from other various fruits, and vegetables. Other than those various foods there are foods that contain B-12, like milk, and meat that will help you out.

Yet, if your not much an eater, you can try out giving your brain a daily challenge, such as crosswords, reading new things, or learning a new instrument. Doing this affects mental stimulation. Plus you could also try socializing with others, which helps relieve yourself from depression, and stress, which both can affect memory.

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  1. Becka Chaney says:

    My mom has horribul memory maybe I could give her more fruit!

  2. Jewell says:

    I think I have horrible memory because I can forget things like really easy but then i’ll remember them like a few minutes later because i’ll just say it out of nowhere when i remember which is very weird?

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