Dogs: The Family Friend #1

Welcome to the new school year!  This is Dogs: The Family Friend #1!  Today I will talk about the Spitz.

Most people have never heard of the Spitz.  It does come in many different types.  They are:

  1. Finnish Spitz,
  2. German Spitz,
  3. Japanese Spitz,
  4. Indian Spitz, and
  5. Nordic Spitz.

I personally have a Japanese Spitz.  She is gorgeous!

All Spitz are very spunky.  They love to run, play, and bark.  If you hate noise, I would go against a Spitz.  Spitz are beautiful dogs that are very well behaved after they’re trained.  They’re also very easy to train.  If you’re okay with noise, but don’t have much time to train, you could do well with a Spitz.

Thanks for reading the 2nd edition of Dogs: The Family Friend!  See you next time!

-AE Keller

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