Exercise and Its Importance

Are you a couch potato? Well its time to change, because exercise gets you stronger, and healthy! When you exercise you strengthen your muscles and improve the function of your circulatory, and respiratory systems. Believe it or not exercise helps your physical, mental health, and helps your body resist stress.

To start your healthy routine, you should slowly, and gradually make your exercise harder. You need to exercise at least three days a week to fully maintain a healthy routine, (you can always exercise more days if you desire). Once you have this routine done, just remember to keep up with your exercise, because once you lose your routine, its hard to come back. Some of the best exercises that increase progress the most, would be squats, push ups, curl ups, lunges, and plank. These are some of the most effective exercises that I recommend you should do. Just remember that you should always stay healthy, because this will help you later on in life.

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