A Giving Guide #1

Welcome to the 1st A Giving Guide of the year!  Today I will talk about Stand Up For Kids, a charity right here in San Antonio.

Stand Up for Kids’s mission is to help at risk and homeless children and teen-agers.  If someone is 21 or younger, then they will be helped by Stand Up for Kids.  They give children food, shelter, education, clothing, and, if they’re old enough, a job.

Many famous people have recognized Stand Up for Kids: Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Leann Rimes.  As Leann Rimes was filming a music video for Stand Up for Kids, she started to cry.

Stand Up for Kids spends its money mostly on programs for children.  Only about 4- 5% is spent on business, paychecks, or other things.

If you would like to donate to the Stand Up for Kids national headquarters, then send your hard earned cash to 83 Walton Street Suite 100 Atlanta, Georgia 30303.  If you would like to talk to a human (or robot), then call 800- 365- 4KID.  If you would like to send them a fax of epic proportions, then send it to 404- 954- 6610.  Finally, if you don’t have a phone, a fax, or any money, but you do have an e- mail, then send one to them at staff@standupforkids.org.

If you would like to donate to the headquarters here in San Antonio, then send money to P.O. Box 782593 San Antonio, TX 78278.  If you would like to call them then do it at (210)862-3660.  If you would like to email them, then do it.  You can at SanAntonio@standupforkids.org.

If you would like to see the video that made Leann Rimes cry, click here.

Thanks for readin’.  I hope to see you soon.

-AE Keller

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