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Some may know of “Temple University” located in Philadelphia , but I bet few know of its sister school in Japan. There is an exact same college with the same name in Japan, for students in Japan and overseas. This University is the oldest and largest foreign school in Japan. It was established in June 1982 as the Japan campus of Temple University. Temple was recognized as a foreign university in February 2005 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.The school currently has 3,300 students and counting enrolled. The school has an international student body, because the classes are actually helping you learn Japanese.

The teachers know how to speak English and other languages, so they help you with learning different languages. Many of students are from The USA, Russia, and of course Japan. The University has many of the same classes as the original school, but with more language classes. As of May  2010, 4,577 degrees have been awarded at TUJ. The average undergraduate class size is 20 students per class. There are 1,232 degree programs and 896 non-degree programs.The classes are made to be small so the course teacher can give the same amount of attention to each student at a time. Going to TUJ gives you the same quality as a US college and gives you a chance to switch to the main college or to another US college when you want. All of the courses are taught in English except for the language courses, as I said they teach you Japanese so you won’t be speaking English in those classes.

In the Undergraduate program, you’ll have a unique experience with festivals, language exchange, Cultural Exchange events, the NextFrame film festival and the ICAS lecture series. The festivals are major campus events that take place every Autumn. International students present dances from their home countries. There is also a Halloween party that is celebrated in the American way with everyone dressing up in scary or funny costumes. The language exhange takes place at lunch, during class, or after class. It lets people talk and give information about the different cultures.  The cultural exchange includes having BBQ parties, tours around Japan for things such a cherry blossom blooming. The concept for it is to deepen friendships and to give a little more knowledge about Japan’s features. The film festival allows the students to gain some access to directing, filming or producing. The ICAS series lets prominent scholars present their work, address political and social issues.

Also, Temple university allows teachers or students of different cultures to go to high schools and elementary schools to talk about their culture. They wear native dresses,clothes and accessories during their presentation to spark interest in the students. They show pictures from their homes like family, friends, houses, and other things that might be different. They also teach them some words from their native language for them to practice.

Well that’s all on this Cultural school in Japan! Bye!!



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  1. Diane Thongkam says:

    Wow! That’s so cool, now I wanna go there! Oh! And the cherry blossom blooming festivals are known as the “Hanabi” festival, in case you didn’t already know ^_^

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