The Weekly Bling!!!

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Bling!!!

This week we will be talking about the ultimate high top, Aeropostale taking over Krueger, and what Halloween costumes the students are planning to wear!

Converse has different types of shoes, but we will talk about one certain type called Chuck Taylors. They are also known as Chuck Taylors all star “XX-Hi” Sneakers, but I call them the ultimate high top.

Aeropostale is the MOST popular thing to wear during the week and on free dress.  Kids can wear Aero because they have a special uniform line with no logos, but on free dress days logos are okay.

So, it’s October and everyone is trying to figure out what they want to wear for Halloween and I’m here to help! Teens are pressured to look perfect for their friends that they plan to Trick-or-Treat with, but I am going to tell you the ultimate secret for Halloween shopping, it’s called Halloween Express. Halloween Express is a great place to get all of the latest costumes for reasonable prices.

Now for this weeks IN and OUT

IN: Converse, Volleyball T-Shirts, Hollister, Abercrombie, Khaki Pants, Fall Colors and Fat Bandz

OUT:  Spring Colors, Airwalk, and  Hats

At Krueger students will always know style until later,


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