Should Some Blue Stars Exist?

If you look up into the night sky and stare at the stars you will notice many different color stars. You can see red, white, orange and blue, but should those blue stars be there? Astronomers say no!

Scientists say that they shouldn’t exist because they are too young. The life cycle of a star starts as a nebula, then it progresses into either a young small yellow star or a larger blue star. Our sun is a middle-aged orange star between average star and a Red Giant. As for the blue stars, they transition to Orange Supergiants.

Scientists and astronomers say that the universe is so old that most blue stars shouldn’t be in the stage of their life cycles that they are in.They say that over billions of years of development these stars should be more of a red color than a blue. They say that they couldn’t have formed recent enough to still be blue because there is no evidence of a star formation and there are no components in the area of the stars that could create a star.

How are they there? Is this a result of intellagent life beyond our solar system? Will we ever know why these stars are bule? Only time will tell.

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