How Healthy Foods Affect You and Why Are They Needed

How do healthy foods affect you? Well in many ways, healthy foods help supply energy for every single action we perform, from writing an essay to going to your sport practice. The foods we eat directly affect our health, like how much energy we get, etc.

Eating  an appropriate food diet helps your body defend you from getting a disease, while eating unhealthy foods increases the risk of receiving a disease. Some things that healthy food does to help your body are: 1. Provides materials for building, repairing, or maintaining tissues, 2. Helps regulate body processes, and 3. They serve as fuel to provide energy.  Our body needs energy to maintain all its functions. Yet other than healthy food, the 2nd most important thing you need to consume is water! Water is used in our body to carry out all of its life processes,  it helps dissolve nutrients to be taken to all tissues. Plus we could only survive a week without water, while without food we could survive several weeks.

     Eating healthy is very important so you should do this regularly. To do this you should create a routine, and express this idea with your family & friends. When you go grocery shopping encourage your parents to buy nutritional foods, such as fruits, juices, milk, etc. You could also get creative and create your own healthy snacks, such as “Ants on a Log”, which is peanut butter filled cellary sprinkled with raisins. Remember your health affects so many things, so whats your choice, healthy or unhealthy?

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