Snowstorm Buries Northeast!


Residents of Northeastern states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts were buried in snow over the last few days when an unexpected snowstorm blew in during late October. Some areas are now blanketed with snow over 2 feet deep. Now public transportation has been delayed, gas lines are long, and many people have been left without power. This is only the beginning of a long week for the people who are living in the areas that were affected.

Almost 2 million northeastern residents have been left without power and officials say that they might not be able to begin restoring power until Friday because of the severity of the damage and the conditions of the damaged areas. People have decided to postpone the Halloween festivities like Trick -or- Treating until the weather clears up. The governors of the northeastern states are doing their best to keep the people safe and provide them with what they need during the storm. They have opened many shelters for people who need a place to stay during the storm.

The power and electrical companies have been working non-stop to restore power to homes. They have already restored power to about 300,000 homes, but there is still more work to be done.  Luckily, The electrical companies have some help, electrical crews from as far Texas and Louisiana have come to help them restore power to the homes that need it. They were able to reduce the amount of homes without power by 23% overnight! There is still much work to be done, but more and more people are getting their power back.

The areas that are trapped under the snow are recieving help and officials are estimating that the areas will return to normal (or at least most of the snow will melt) sometime over the next couple of weeks.

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