The Weekly Bling!!!

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Bling!

OH NO! The high schools are taking over middle school!

Osiris all over campus!

The students here are supporting their home high schools by wearing clothes with high school logos. The most popular is Roosevelt High School, but Reagan is the best in my opinion. Most kids support their high school by wearing hoodies and t-shirts that have their high school’s logo on them.

Osiris are everywere here at Krueger. Osiris are a specific type of skater shoes that are high yet smooth. Osiris are the second most liked shoe on campus. Osiris come in high tops or low tops, but most people prefer the low tops.

Now for this weeks IN and OUT

IN: Justin Bieber, Earrings, Earbud Jackets, Teen Vogue, and Osiris

OUT: Shorts, Pigtails and Skirts

At Krueger we will always be in style until later


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