Well to start off  most bullies probably come from broken      homes, which causes them to lash out and get very angry. If   you don’t want to be bullied then stay away from that person or try to help them out so they don’t lash out at you    anymore. If you are getting bullied talk to the counselor  about calling your bully in to help them out with their problems and it will show them you are the bigger person and they will hopefully start to appreciate you.  In some cases kids decide that can’t take being bullied anymore so they either fight back or choose suicide which is very sad.

If you are being bullied and you tried to help them with their problems (if they have any) and they still don’t quit then you need to go to someone to find out what is wrong. Bullying is very wrong because all bullying does is send some poor person into depression and hatred within themselves because they cant change they’re looks or how they are and act. Then some people go into a rage and horrible feeling with themselves and they start to believe what the bullies are saying about them.

There are many different types of bullying, including verbal and emotional bullying. These kinds of bullying are usually far worse then actual physical bullying for some kids. Bullying includes harassment, physical harm, repeatedly demeaning speech and efforts to hurt another person and all of those can take you to court and get you either arrested, put on probation, or get you some serious tickets which include going to court. So to be smart instead of pushing someone for fun or talking down on someone make the right decision and be nice!

Now Cyber bullying is really bad to kids because;  Cyber is when someone is discriminating against something that you have done on the Internet such as a picture or video. Saying bad things to someone over the net is very mean and also the net is for looking up things and expressing yourself. Cyber bullying is just like bullying face to face except some one is hurting you over the Internet/web. Bullying period is ridiculous and mistaken for bullies because they believe they can get away with it without being talked to by some one.

Verbal bullying occurs when someone uses language to gain power over his or her peers. Being the most common form of abuse, verbal bullying is  not taken as seriously as other types of abuse, because there is no visible proof. In reality, however, verbal abuse can be more detrimental to a person’s health than physical abuse. If being bullied at a young age verbal abuse contributes to codependency, borderline personality disorder,  narcissistic personality disorder, and other psychological disorders that often worsen many people even through growing up to be an adult. Verbal abuse can badly hurt someone; even though it is just words it can still permanently hurt some one’s feelings and the way they look at themselves. Verbal abuse usually includes these: countering, withholding, discounting, verbal abuse disguised as jokes, accusing and blaming, judging and criticizing, trivializing, undermining and threatening, name-calling, chronic forgetting, ordering, denial of anger or abuse, and abusive anger.

Indirect bullying is when a person is spreading around rumors about someone that aren’t true or over exaggerates the truth. Indirect bullying can also cause serious damage to someone because people hear about it and most of the times start to stay away from you and get angry with you. This kind of bullying can hurt someones feelings, and reputation to. Which in a bigger word is called Alienation which also represents someone spreading rumors but this kind of bullying is when a bully excludes you from a group on purpose to make you feel less important.

Intimidation is when a bully threatens someone else and frightens that person enough to make him or her do what the bully wants. Intimidation happens very often its when someone bigger then you controls what you do and if you don’t do what they tell you they hurt you in some kind of way.

All of these kinds of different bullying types can get you into deep trouble if you aren’t the victim. If you are a victim speak to someone about it and to help you handle the situation and also to help the bully out if they have problems at home or are having difficult times. Bullying is the worst thing you can do to someone especially since you are just putting them down for things that are wrong with them or other things similar to that.

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