Thailand Floods!

Large areas of north Thailand are now underwater and many people are homeless in populated areas. Downtown and highly-populated areas of Bangok are protected by floodgates, but the suburbs are flooded, some of the civilians are taking shelter in the downtown area, but most citizens are left living in water up to chest high.

Some people have evacuated, but others are stranded. Many people’s bosses left at the first sign of a flood, leaving them and their fellow workers without pay. The Thai government has decided to try to find work for documented immagrant workersand Thai workers, but all the undocumented immigrant workers will have to go back to their own countries.

People who have had their homes flooded are now looking for places to take shelter during the floods. In Pathum, a Thailand province, people have taken shelter in prefabricated cement shells that were for the construction of Bangok’selevated skyway. The company who owns the shells is allowing them to take shelter there and they even tapped into their own electricity lines to give them light.

The floods have killed 532 people and 22 provinces are affected. The water is draining into the sea through canals dug out for this such occasion, so the situation is getting better for Thailand. It is estimated that the flood waters will be mostly drained within a few weeks or so.

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