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If you are a book person and reading is a fun activity to you then check out the library. This week Krueger Middle School is having their annual book fair featuring many popular titles. There is no specific type of books they are selling but some would be novels, action books, manga, romance and basically any other type of book.  The book fair lasts through out today (Monday) to Friday December 2nd.

The book fair will be held in the library and is staffed by the National Junior Honor Society members. Items being sold at the book fair  include posters, erasers, pens, pencils and, of course, books. You can come check out the book fair during break, lunch and after school. One of the NJHS member Adrienne Auten says ” Its gonna be good for me because I could catch up on my NJHS hours!”.

Remember to come quickly during this week and get a great book from the book fair!

Catch ya later Falcons!

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