Tensions in Pakistan Rising

Pakistan has halted relations with the US on Monday after a NATO aircraft killed almost two dozen Pakistani Soldiers. NATO has told the Pakistani Prime Minister that it was an “unintended tragedy” but the Pakistani Military told them that they had informed the aircraft that it was firing on friendly troops and that they did not fire first. This incident might begin conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan because NATO and US troops are present in Afghanistan and the Afghan military is working with them.

The Pakistani people have almost completely stopped relations with the US and they have stopped using the US dollars as their main currency. The US and NATO both realize that they must apologize to Pakistan or they might go to war with Afghanistan, which would be devastating for Afghanistan because Pakistan’s roads supply 45% of the  food, fuel and equipment needed by international forces in Afghanistan, which would leave the country with little defense against the Pakistani military. Both countries need each others resources more than each of them will admit to the rest of the world.

The entire incident has just been one misunderstanding after another and our relations with Pakistan is in a constant state of crisis, and this incident has not helped matters get any better. The US and NATO will be apologizing soon and hopefully things will return to normal.

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