A Giving Guide #2

Helloo!  I’m back!  This is the first part of a 9 part issue.  This 9 part series within a series will talk about a group of websites that all you have to do to give, is hit a button.  I’m talking about the 8 sites that Greater Good Network runs.  They are:

  1. The Hunger Site
  2. The Breast Cancer Site
  3. The Animal Rescue Site
  4. The Veterans Site
  5. The Autism Site
  6. The Child Health Site
  7. The Literacy Site
  8. The Rain Forest Site

These sites all have a big button that if you push it, another website or big time  sponsor will donate to a charity that that site helps.  Some donate money to charities, some save land.

Read the next episode to learn about……

The Hunger Site!!

See you later!

-AE Keller♥

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