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I’m sure that you have all heard of UIL, but do you know exactly what it is? UIL stands for University Interscholastic League, and every public school in Texas is part of it. To be in UIL, you just join the club and go to practices for the event you want to participate in.

On November 11th, 2011, Krueger Middle School went to compete against six other schools in UIL. Krueger competed against, White, Garner, Wood, Jackson, Nimitz, Ed White, and Driscoll. Krueger had met with the other schools at Garner Middle School to have and invitational test. An invitational test is where school teams are invited to take the UIL test, it’s not obligatory. Our very own school got first place, and if you look at the points, we won by a lot. Ms.Curney said what we were all feeling: “I feel fabulous about our last meet!”  Mrs. Walker said what we were all thinking “I was excited that we won by such a large margin!”

We recently had a chance to speak with the UIL coaches and have gained some insight on their point of views. On average the coaches have been coaching UIL for about six years. We know that you know that our UIL team is fantastic, but our team was not always the way it is now. Ms. Curney told us about previous UIL: “Krueger used to not place in UIL at all, and now we almost place every single time.”  “I think that we continue to show improvement.” says Mrs. Reuter about our improvement from six years back to today.

There is always room for perfection so, practices are always necessary. There are practices for a club about every week. Some clubs are on the same day, so you can alternate between clubs every week.

Everyone is excited about our UIL team this year, especially since how well we did this past meet. “I think we are gonna rock this year!” says Ms. Curney about our UIL team this year. This year, more students are interested in joining UIL. “ I think, because of our previous success, students are more interested in joining UIL” says Mrs. Walker. If you are one of those people interested, just pick an event you are interested in, then ask the UIL coach. If you still have more questions, contact your friends in UIL at our very own Krueger Middle School. We still have two more meets ahead of us and everyone is very excited. Especially our UIL coaches. We expect to have another great year for UIL this year!

by: Sophia Otero and Victoria Juarez

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