How to Write Fan-Fiction

Fan-fiction! A great combination of my two favorite things: writing and manga. But exactly what is “fan-fiction?”

The name says it all. Fan-fiction is mainly used when writing about a series that already exists, hence the name “fan”-fiction. For fan-fiction, you can write about a series that already exist, such as Twilight, Bleach or Naruto.

I’ll use Twilight as an example. Let’s say you like/dislike a couple from Twilight, such as JacobxBella or EdwardxBella (most fans’ favorites). You could use/abuse that couple by:

  1. Drawing a short comic strip or picture
  2. Writing a story/parody of it

In my next posts, we’ll be talking about writing a story/parody of it.

I used to write a lot of fan-fiction about Naruto, but now I’m all about the Bleach. Most fan-fiction is written by anime/manga fans anyway.

Fan-fiction is used for many reasons, but is mostly used by fans of manga and anime.

Now, more than half of the fan-fiction out there on the internet has to do with romance, whether it’s angst-romance, romantic-comedy, hurt/comfort, etc. It all hooks up with romance.

They’re rather interesting too, and very well written. There are two types of romance filed under fan-fiction out there: 1) Two characters (or more) from the same manga/anime falling in love and 2) People creating an “OC” and making them fall in love with a character from an anime/manga.

Today, we’ll be talking about option #2: Creating an OC and making them fall in love with a canon character. The term “OC” is abbreviated for “original character.” The term “canon character” is basically used to describe any character from an anime/manga (i.e. Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach).

Tip! When you usually write fan-fiction with an OC paired with a canon character, you might want to add it as a warning to prevent any flaming (flaming = insulting in a [very] rude way). It’s easy to add a warning:

Note(s) or WARNING: Includes (Name of Canon Character)xOC. No flaming.

You also want to credit the original author(s) and/or illustrator(s):

Distributor: I do not own (name of series). It rightfully belongs to (name of author). I only own (name of OC[s]).

Now, as you can see, it’s easy to pair an OC with a canon character. What’s difficult is creating the OC. My next post will include some advice as to how to create an OC.

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