Smart Vending Machines?

According to Japan’s vending machine companies yes. New vending machines in Japan have been equipped with 47 inch touch screens and new devices to suggest the proper product for it’s customer.

Japan is famous for many things, and one of them is it’s vending machines. Japan has the largest human-to-vending machine ratio in the world, with 24 people to each vending machine. With so many vending machines dispensing so many products from average things like snacks and gum, to more advanced products like ice cream and cell phones, to the oddest things you’ve ever seen in a vending machine like hot noodles and soups, clothing, hamburgers, and even toilet paper.

With so many products and machines the JVMA (Japan’s largest vending machine corporation) is taking it to a whole different layer with machines that actually talk to  the customers using touch screens that allow the customer enter their age, gender, and other facts about themselves and the machine will make readings on the weather, temperature, pressure, and date and time and makes a suggestion to it’s customer about the best choice for them.

The JVMA says that vending machines will continue to evolve and become more advanced and have newer features. Their current goal is to equip all vending machines in Japan with touch screens and newer technology.

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  1. Crescens! ;D says:

    That “pancake-in-a-bottle” Looks disgusting!!!! 😛 eww

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