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Hey Falcons! Okay well today (Jan 5th 2012) 6th, 7th and 8th graders were invited to the auditorium where they were playing with drums. This is the first year that Krueger had done this and it was very fun. Everyone had gotten a drum and were able to play them all together.

Drum Cafe is the name of the organization and they are located all around The United States. The Drum Cafe customizes the kind of things they will do to meet the clients needs and provide a good amount of fun for everyone.  They use a lot of different elements of music and rhythm to show correlation and similarities of an orchestra and a well run organization. They are a highly energized, focused team that understand that music can uplift, inspire and unite people.

Other than playing the drums, singing and dancing were involved in the Drum Cafe. After playing a few rhythm warm ups the group had invited the teachers up to the front of the gym, where they danced and the students sang along with them. The drum Cafe group were invited to our school by the PTA because of how great Krueger has been doing. Not many schools get to have the Drum Cafe come and visit so our school was very privileged.

Well that’s all Krueger Falcons! Have a great day and remember next week is Anti-Bullying week where for the week you can have some fun with your uniforms. Gotta jet bye!

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