Apologies are hard to deal with, especially when you’re the one who is apologizing. Lot’s of people just say “sorry” and don’t even mean it, but that’s not the point of apologies. An apology is what proves the strength of a friendship.

At times, it’s so hard to apologize – at times you apologize even though you really shouldn’t, but the point is that apologies are a strong thing you shouldn’t take advantage of or fake. When you apologize, apologize from the heart, not just because you have a mouth. That’s a lesson I learned one day, my friend got really, really mad at me and I deserved it because I had done something really wrong. I felt really bad and the day after I had said I understood that she got mad I already started missing her friendship. That next day I started to text her over and over again saying sorry. I knew I had done something really bad, but still kept on repeatably asking her for her forgiveness. Then the next day in front of everyone I said sorry once more and she accepted my apology, which to tell the truth I didn’t think she would accept, but was glad she did. That’s why I learned that you should be careful with what you say or do , because it’s hard to give an apology, but if you mean to apologize, go for it! It’s worth to try then to not even.

Esme B.




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